Meet the Artist

Travis Stewart is a Kansas City native creating inspirational mixed media artwork.
As an accomplished craft cocktail bartender, his art reflects the right combination of ingredients.

The Manhattan Project

A tribute piece to a bartender's execution of this classic cocktail.
Mixed Media is infused to highlight this three-component cocktail recipe.

Maestro #2

Part of a series putting the viewer at a bar level perspective.
The focal point is the cocktail in the hands of a mixologist.

Castleberry Commissioned Art

This piece of artwork was a commissioned project.
Most often, my buyers are looking to capture a moment in time.

Ode to Plantation Rum

This painting serves as tribute to the portfolio of the Plantation Rum brand.
Use of mixed media includes the Plantation Rum brand blended into the landscape.

Matcha Pisco Rosa

Part of a series to capture the mystic of the cocktail bar, Manifesto.
Mixed Media includes bar tools as stencils and bar menus.